17 Best Brothers In Anime--xxcosplay

Aug 02 , 2019


17 Best Brothers In Anime--xxcosplay

17 Best Brothers In Anime

To celebrate National Brothers Day we wanted to give love to these siblings and admire them from their appearances in the anime community. There is many brother pairs in anime so we chose only a very few of them.  Shall we get started?


#17 Izaya Orihara ( Durarara)

Image result for izaya orihara gif

#16 Elfman Strauss ( Fairy Tail)

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#15 Yuzuru Otonashi ( Angel Beats)

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#14 Kankuro ( Naruto)

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#13 Sir Zechs ( High school DxD)

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#12 Kaname Kuran ( Vampire Knight)

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#11 Yukio Okumura ( Blue Exorcist)

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#10 Rin Okumura ( Blue Exorcist)

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#9 Light Yagami ( Death Note)

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#8 Kei Takishima ( Special A)

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#7 Sora ( No Game No Life)

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#6 Zeref Dragneel ( Fairy Tail)

#5  Lelouch Lamperouge ( Code Geass)

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#4 Edward Elric ( Full metal Alchemist)

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#3 Itachi Uchiha ( Naruto)

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#2 Haru ( Super Lovers)

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#1 Hitachiin Twins ( Ouran Highschool Host Club)

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Who is your favorite brother in anime? Please tell us down in the comments and don’t forget to give hugs to your brothers.